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Aspect 1 - Environmental sounds

What is it?

Tuning into the sounds around them and being able to distinguish between two or more sounds. 

Activity idea - 'Animal bingo:'

When I play this with children I usually adapt an old orchard game I have. (See below) But you can easily download a version from Twinkl or make your own.

The idea if that you encourage children to listen to the sounds that you're making linked to a farm yard (or any animal habitat) and they tick off, cross out, or match up to the same animal. 


This encourages discrimination between the different animals sounds. 


Activity idea - 'My journey home:'

Use a collection of downloadable sounds or record your own journey from school to home. Recordings of, 'the door opening, the traffic on the road, your car door slamming, your horn honking, you opening your front door, your kettle boiling,' and talk the children through each sound. This helps them to discriminate each sound.


You can use these types of sounds for any activity you wish. I have played oceanic sounds in a quiet space for children before, or animal sounds in a jungle area. 

Activity idea - 'Enriching tuff spots:'

This activity comes from:

When you're setting up tuff spot small world activities, trying to think of ways to play sounds alongside. A simple CD made with sounds (see links above) of a construction site sounds can support the roleplay. 

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