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Aspect 2 -Instrumental Sounds

What is it?

Using instruments of any kind to make and change sounds and being able to distinguish between two or more sounds. 


Activity idea: 'What sound will that make?'

Ask your child(ren) to select a stick or anything that can be used to beat against something. Walk around your environment and beat this object against different items. 

Talk about the different sounds that they can hear. Perhaps its metallic, perhaps its hollow?


Activity idea: 'Louder/quieter'

This simple game is about using instruments but tuning into the volume of the sounds. Introduce the two puppets, a mouse and a lion (or any other loud and quiet animal). Tell the children when you show the mouse its time for quiet sounds, then loud for the lion. This game will encourage children to think about how to make sounds that are loud and quiet. 


Activity idea: 'Homemade shakers'

Use plastic bottles or other containers and fill with objects. You can use whatever is to hand such as rice or pasta or something like the beads you can get from Ikea. The idea is to think about what you can put in your bottle to make different sounds. Then have a basket of completed bottles with a range of objects inside so children can talk about the instruments and why they make different sounds. 

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