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Aspect 3 - Body percussion

What is it?

Making different sounds using our own bodies and being able to distinguish between two or more sounds. 


Activity idea - 'Squelching in the mud:'

Knowing the sound that you can make with your body is an important part of this aspect, but it is also important to note how our bodies make sounds when they encounter other objects. Using whatever natural features you have around you such as muddy puddles, woodland or even just a bathtub, fill with something which can be squelched underfoot.

Similar activities have appeared online linked to 'The Bear Hunt.'

Activity idea - 'Simon says:'

This simple activity can be adapted to match this aspect. 

Simon says, 'Tap tap tap your tummy'

Simon says, 'Click click click your fingers.'


Activity idea - 'Using mirrors:'

It is important for children to recognise the ways that they are making sounds.

Where possible use full length mirrors in your environment so children can see their whole bodies as they make different sounds. 

E.g. Look in a mirror as they bump their fists on their chest.

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