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Aspect 5 - Alliteration

What is it?

Recognising and saying words which begin with the same sounds.

E.g. Silly Soup, Fabulous Phonics!

Activity idea - 'Playing I-spy:'

A variation on the tradition game of 'I-spy.' Rather than say what the initial sound is, instead say, 'I-spy with my little eye a lovely large (lion)'

You will have to give examples of this first and I would suggest this is not the first activity you use to encourage or teach alliteration. 


Activity idea: 'Magic bag alternative'

The magic bag game is great for rhyme as well as alliteration. Select objects for the bag which all begin with the same sound such as:

Mouse, man, mug, muffin, milk, etc.

Don't forget the song`:

'Magic bag, Magic bag, what's inside the magic bag?'

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