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Aspect 7 - Oral blending and Segmenting

What is it?

Chopping words up and blending words together (orally)

Segment - chop up

Blend - put it together.

Activity idea - 'I-spy'

Another example of I-spy but this time keep it to the traditional game. This is excellent for teaching the initial sound in words. When the children do guess correctly, try sounding out the whole word so they can hear the other sounds contained within.

It will need modelling and again, I would suggest this is not the first activity you try for oral segmenting and blending. 


Activity idea - 'sound out story words'

When you're reading texts to children simply segment some of the 3 letter CVC words and then blend them together afterwards. When you first do this you will have to lead on it, but after a short time the children will start to blend it together for you. 

"Fat c-a-t [cat] groans. I am stuck. It is b-a-d [bad] luck, she moans.'

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