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Treasures And Authentic Resources

Last year at Roseville Nursery, after much research and discussion, we felt that open-ended play was the way forward for us, so we decided to start phasing out a lot of our plastic pre-manufactured toys. Don't get us wrong, we are not entirely against plastic toys, but we do feel like nursery is an excellent opportunity for children to gain new and different experiences that they would not necessarily have at home. We added lots of authentic resources to our provision for children to explore.

Providing special objects in unexpected places draws children’s attention and focus. Children’s eyes and hands are always scanning the environment for something interesting to encounter and investigate. Most of the time when children discover these “treasures” they are told not to touch, to be careful or not to break it. When children come upon something magical, beautiful, fragile or complicated that has been carefully collected and arranged for them, they know that they themselves are respected and treasured. Special treasures can be selectively placed in nooks, boxes, baskets, trays or table tops for children to discover and explore, or can be set out as a provocation. 

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