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The Connection Schema 

The connection schema is all about the exploration of how items connect together. Children exploring this schema may have
an interest in connecting blocks and train tracks, building and constructing; in addition to being interested in how they can connect themselves to items such as tying themselves to trees or friends! As

a child’s understanding of connection becomes more sophisticated they may begin to explore disconnecting by disconnecting toys, untying shoe laces and deconstructing things they have created. 

  • Hairbands and scrunchie basket: fill a basket with different hairbands and scrunchies. Children can connect these to themselves or you can provide tubes for them to connect the hairbands and scunchies to.

  • Fastenings basket: fabric with zips, buttons and laces for connecting together and disconnecting.

  • Connected fabric basket: connect loops of different fabrics for babies to explore. You can add lots of different fabrics for a sensory element such as wool, cotton and fluffy fabrics.

  • Treasure Basket Ideas
  • Messy Play Ideas

  • There are lots of messy play activities to try out, in line with a connection schema, which will allow younger children to explore through their senses and older children to explore new concepts and ideas. 

  • Try adding funnels, pipes and tubes to water play for children to explore creating water ways.

  • Add train tracks to sand play. Children can connect the tracks whilst exploring the sand. They may create mounds or holes in the sand.

  • Building blocks and shaving foam are a great combination for construction. Children can explore new textures whilst exploring connection.

  • Provide clay or playdough alongside loose parts to explore how items connect with the clay. Again, this is a great sensory experience as children mould the clay. 

  • Expressive Art And Design Ideas

Junk Modelling 

Making available lots of junk modelling materials will provide children with the basic resources needed to be creative, to collaborate and to explore connecting. Make sure you have plenty of materials that can be used for connecting such as sticky tape, Velcro®, glue, string and staples.

What you need:

  • Junk modelling items: boxes, tubes, cartons, tubs, etc.

  • Decorative items: paints, jewels, sequins, etc.

  • Sticky tape

  • Glue

  • String

  • Stapler and staples

  • Velcro®

What to do:

  • The joy of this activity is that children can follow their own interests and create anything they want. Be sure to allow plenty of time so that the children can complete their work. If this is not possible ensure time is put aside for them to revisit their creations later. 

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