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Different Types Of Phonics

Sadly, its not straight forward.

There are two types of phonics:

  • Synthetic and Analytical.

Synthetic phonics:

Synthetic Phonics is the preferred method of teaching in the UK (gov).

The sounds are learning and then blended to form words.

Schemes such as ‘Letters and sounds,’ ‘Jolly phonics,’ and ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ follow these.

They do involve some aspects of Analytic phonics.

Analytic phonics:

Analytic phonics is the process of learning words ‘by sight.’

Some words are broken into recognisable sounds (and grouped)

Some words are taught as Analytic phonics within Synthetic phonics (Tricky words).

I offer an Analytical phonics programme to use at the same time as teaching synthetical phonics. I personally believe that not all children learn the same way and some children benefit from analytical phonics. Where schools have used my program they have found children learn words faster as they can either learn them by sight (analytics) or attempt to blend them (synthetic). 

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