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Meet Emma

Hello there,


My name is Emma Smith (you may also know me as Topanga from my Roseville page and online forums).  


So a little about me..... I am the owner of Roseville Nursery and Roseville Early Years Consultancy. I am extremely passionate about all aspects of early Years and about improving outcomes for all children.

Our Nursery has undergone a huge transformation in the past year, changing up both our practice and environment to fit our child-led ethos more precisely.

 We strongly believe that ALL children are entitled to magical early years experiences and opportunities. Our unique ethos is reflected in every aspect of our nursery environment. Our continuous provision is bursting with loose parts, authentic, and open-ended resources to support and facilitate children’s learning through play.


Our practice is reflective and ever evolving - I am passionate about working on personal and professional development and I am a huge believer that you can never learn too much. At the end of the day this is cascaded down to benefit our wonderful little learners, so it is an investment in them, not just ourselves! I am always looking for inspiration and new ways to further enhance my practice and knowledge, this is one of the reasons I love to share so much of what we do online in hopes that other people feel inspired to promote positive outcomes in the same way.


 Throughout my journey this past year I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some wonderful, passionate people. As early years professionals, our best resource is each other - without sharing and collaborating we would be limited to our own perspectives. I am therefore super excited about sharing my journey with you in this training module for the collective. I look forward to sharing ideas, contributing to discussions, offering inspiration and being part of this forward thinking early years community 

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