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Pinterest Pedagogy

When I first started to share my ideas on social media it was less about the images and more about the ideas. However, we seem to have created this Pinterest Pedagogy; the concept that the importance of what we do lies in the aesthetics rather than the theory.

You're probably thinking this seems a bit contradictory coming from someone who constantly shares, what are perceived as, beautiful images of beautiful early years environments. However, the way my setting looks is not about what I wanted it to look like. My setting looks the way it does because it is based on a sound pedagogy of play, loose parts theory, schema theory, nature, outdoor learning and creativity. All of these things have been implemented over time as I have further researched theories and concepts, and if by adding all of these things together makes what is perceived (by adults) as aesthetically pleasing then so be it.

I am all for hessian backing and wooden furniture, but i am also all for colourful pompoms, duplo and multicoloured cushions; everything has its place. The most important thing to remember is that everything you do should be based on your pedagogy. In the early years sector, where we are lucky enough to have the flexibility to interpret our own curriculum, it is important we do what is right for the children we care for rather than to compete with what have now become social media standards.

I often recieve critiscim for aspects of my practice, particulary my environment which is a little 'Pinterest Provision' but can you really critisis me for providing a naturally enriched environment that builds confident, independent and resilient learners? Instead of focussing on what everyone else is doing, what looks good and what is fashionable; think about what will work for your children and your community.

My research into schemas and loose parts means that my environment is now rich with natural and scrap materials that the children can explore, combine and discover with; my research into nature and outdoor learning means I have moved away from fixed outdoor play equipment and now have tyres, crates and a mud kitchen; my research into art, creativity and well being means that I now have an art studio complete with an artist in residence; my research has defined my practice - not Pinterest!

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