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Welcome And Context

Hi, hello, welcome!  Communication is not just a prime area in the Development Matters, its the bedrock of our society.  You've made a brave and bold move signing up for this training, you won't regret it!

You'll be guided through how communication is one aspect of Language and how our brain operates to deal with communication when needed.

You'll learn a plethora of inspiring strategies to try with your children (and husbands/wives.. why not!?) which do not require huge amounts of time or money to implement.

You'll learn about how to adapt your environment in subtle (and some not so subtle) ways to promote effective communication.

And finally, you'll learn how to reach out to parents and share this with them so that the children in your care become fabulous communicators and are set up to be successful in their challenging lives ahead. 

Oh but wait a second..

This short course contains many only a snippet from the real world training I provide. Theres a lot more in that so if you're interested, visit to book or sign up for training alerts in your area.

Training intentions


Communication is key for all other learning within your setting.  It is an essential part of the curriculum and is given a prominent role as a 'prime area.'  However, it is the lowest prime area reported in the EYFSP year on year. With cuts to services such as home visitors and children's centres, children's general communication is taking a hit year on year. Practitioners need to be aware of these problems and to continue to push hard to improve communication. 

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