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We have created a module for you, including opinions and ideas from different members of our training team, we have a strong teamwork ethic and feel this is best for enhancing our own practice and sharing it with the world! Hope you enjoy the read, here a little bit about us.

Here in this module we will provide a little insight, but we can also provide bespoke training and consultancy tailored to your needs as well as offering a mini under twos workshop at our next Early Years Fest on 22nd September, which at the time of publishing this has only 9 spaces left!


Check out this event on our website: 

Team LL xx


Our Writers

  • Sam – Proprietor / Owner, training and consultancy, Keeping it all together

  • Kaysha – Quality assurance manager, enhancing environments, developing our ethos

  • Carly – Early years Teacher – looking into standards of learning, cohorts and assessments

  • Laura- Pedagogical manager, teaching and learning, project work

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