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Welcome! Transitions can be a tricky thing to get right for any setting. And because each setting is different, there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach. You might work as a child minder, or in a private nursery. You may be in a school Reception class or a parent who is about to send their child into the world for the first time.  Transitions happen all the time and are not confined to the end of the year.

Yet the biggest transitions we tend to think about are those between the different 'year groups' i.e. Room to Room, Nursery to Reception or Reception to Year one. We think of these as big because it usually involves a lot of staff, effort and time to ensure these transitions are smooth. I'm not forgetting about home to setting transitions either, I'll cover those too.

As part of this short course you'll also learn about Self-Regulation. This is becoming an increasing used term yet the concept has been around forever. I'll give some simple strategies to use in your environment to support in the teaching of self regulation as well as a handy print out to use with families who are about to join your setting. 


So.. lets get started!

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